What is social media?


Dionne and Jayne believe sociall media is "Networks of people communicating using technology at a distance".

Steve Holt and Craig Ingram, University of TN, "social media is about the social not the media. People connecting to people."

John Dolan, Penn State - social media is a channel that allows for unfiltered instant collaboration, communication and community

Johan Fehrman and Deanna Grogan:
"a connected environment that allows users to create their own content that expresses their thoughts, ideas and feelings about themselves and view, share and incorporate the content created by others."

Mary Stevens and Steve Pennell ... Anything and everything anybody wants to share posted to an accessible space..

Fernando Davila and Iara Alcauter ... New environment (virtual) to contact other people, relation with… A way of living
Donald Jordan, University of the Pacific and Julia Teahen, Baker College: Social media is technologies used to assist in facilitating connections and interactions between people.

Alperen Yanarates, Southern States University and Dan Bascelli, Spelman College: Social Media is the generic name for a set of internet and mobile technology tools for collaborative communications within a virtual community.

James Stewart and Lora Haasl
...Ability to share and collaborate ideas and images to an open forum at anytime, from anywhere, from any internet capable device.

Eduardo and Cesar
Comununications with more people, share exoeriencie ideas felling and anythings, information quickly for more people

Erica Abramson, Lafayette College: any live information that is shared and available to everyone- no filters!

Pat Gordin: Web 2.0 enabled interaction. Can be smart phone (mobile) and text-based. It allows students and faculty to talk to each other about important issues.